Why doesn't setup replication work from SafeCom? (Troubleshooting)

In SafeCom G4 520*10 and newer with SQL Server 2016 "Setup Replication" during "Add server" and/or "repair replication" gives an error message.


On SafeCom G4 520*10 with SQL Server 2016 "Setup replication" during "Add Server" and "repair replication" are giving an error message.

In the JobServer.trc file following error is seen:

Error: SMO Exception from scRMOLibManaged::scManagedReplication::GetSubscriptionStatus() : Cannot read property NetName.This property is not available on SQL Server 7.0.


This error is seen if the SafeCom Server does not have the proper SQL SMO (Shared Management Objects) installed.

The SMO's are part of the SQL Management Studio.

Using a newer SQL Management Studio version (for example 17.x) will also result in this error.


When using SafeCom G4 520*10 with a full SQL Server 2016 (on same server as SafeCom or on external Server) it is required to install the correct SQL Management Studio version on the SafeCom Server for replication to be managable by SafeCom.

It is needed to install the SQL Management Studio 2016 version 16.5.3 (build version number 13.0.x.x) and SQL Management Studio 2014 version 14.x (build version number 12.0.x.x)

If SQL Management Studio 2017 version 17.x (build version number 14.0.x.x) has been installed in error, the following steps are needed to repair the installation.

- Remove all SQL 2017 installed packages.

- Run a repair installation for the SQL Server 2016 (Only required if installed on the same server as the SafeCom Server)

- Install SQL Management Studio 2016.

- Install SQL Management Studio 2014.

Important note: should SQL Management Studio 2014 be installed before SQL Management Studio 2016, it would be required to repair SQL Management Studio 2014 installation or remove SQL Management Studio 2016.


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