Why am not able to delete or disable the safecom trace folder? (How to)

How do you disable safecom_trace ?

How do you disable safecom_trace ? I want to disable tracing. Even after having stopped the Print spooler and SafeCom service, I am not able to delete the c:\safecom_trace folder, but am getting an error

"keyManager.trc" "The action can't be completed because the file is open in dllhost.exe"


While it is easy to enable safecom_trace. (just af matter of creating the folder c:\safecom_trace on the SafeCom server, Webinterface server, or Printserver), and start tracing after restarting of the SafeCom related services, then with SafeCom G4 it is more difficult to disable/stop safecom_trace.

In a situation where there is no need for safecom_trace, the below actions has to be undertaken at the affected server.

Please remember that the following SafeCom services and tools will continue to write tracefiles to the safecom_trace folder as long as the folder exists on the server:

Jobserver, trackingserver, moneyserver, eventserver (SafeCom service)

SafeCom PULL and PUSH ports (Print spooler)

SafeCom Administrator

SafeCom Webinterface (WWW service)

SafeCom Application print

SafeCom Print Client

SafeCom Reports

SafeCom Popup

SafeCom Mobile Print

1.     Stop the Print spooler service and SafeCom service

2.     Depending on if the server/workstation is installed with other SafeCom services/tools, then also stop:

        a.     WWW service

        b.     SafeCom Reports application

        c.     SafeCom Mobile Print

        d.     SafeCom Administrator appliation

        e.     Kill scpopup.exe process in Task Manager under Processes (Remember to tick "Show processes from all users")

3.     In Task Manager, under Processses ("Show processes from all users"), locate the process called dllhost.exe or dllhost.exe*32  depending on 32bit or 64 bit OS.

4.     Highlight dllhost.exe and then hit the "End Process". Then accept to end the process

5.     Now delete the last files in the safecom_trace folder, and delete or rename the c:\safecom_trace folder.

6.     When done, startup the services again. When the SafeCom service has been started again, the process dllhost.exe will be started automatically, but trace files will not be written until enabled again..


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