When do I need a SafeCom multiserver environment? (FAQ)

Some criterias used to help identifying if you need the SafeCom Enterprise Server license and multiserver-installation.

Here are a few conciderations when a multi server environment could be useful:

- More than 200 devices/printers.

- Low bandwith to a remote location.

- Need for redundancy.

- Require secure printing to be available when network to master server is down.

- Need different handling of jobs between users/locations. (ex. how long the document should be stored)


There are also a concern when there are less than 200 devices, but the customer have a very high print volume.

If you are in doubt if you need multiserver our advise is to start without an Enterprise Server License, but install SafeCom server against a standalone SQL-server (not SQL Express). By doing this, you will be able to upgrade later to a multiserver-license and continue to use what you have already installed, incl. the user database.