What is the password of SQL-user 'safecom'? (Troubleshoting)

When you need and how we can find the SQL-password for user 'safecom'

The password of the SQL-user 'safecom' is unique, secure and we usually don`t know. The password is generated out of the hostname of the SafeCom-server. (both master and slaves)

The password is usually only needed during disaster recoveries of multi server environments to recreate the replication. If it`s needed, you must create a support ticket and provide us the hostname(s) so we can request it from Kofax.

If you need to recreate this use in a multi server environment you can do so by creating and activating the 'safecominstall'-user with the default password, and deleting the 'safecom'-user.
The 'safecominstall'-user will then recreate the user.