What does the "License violation"-error means when adding a new Safecom-license? (FAQ)

Sometimes you get a licence violation-error when adding a new license, which avoid adding the new license.

The SafeCom-license key includes a list of all bought licenses and a maintenance date.

When you add a new license to the SafeCom-server you might receive som error messages because you might have enabled some licenses which are not included in the new license.

The most typical scenario is if you have started up using a trial, and then received the first permanent license. The reason for this is that when you add new devices SafeCom will add all available licenses to each device, which rarely is what you have actually bought.

There could also be situations where you for some reason have reduced the number of devices on your license, but you have not deleted them from the SafeCom Administrator. Even if the device is turned off, it will still occupy a license until the device is deleted from the Administrator.

These are some (but not all) of the typical error messages related to licenses violation:

License violation: Encryption

License violation: Tracking

License violation: Pay

License violation: Billing

License violation: ID Device

License violation: Smart Scan

License violation: RBP

License violation: Pull

All of the above is related to the devices (printers/mfd).

To fix the problem, you need to go the License-tab on the device properties and remove the licenses you have not bought and try again. 

Expert tip: Remember that you can mark multiple devices to change all at the same time, and that you can add the license-view in the device list to verify which devices are causing the violation.

If you are unsure what your license includes, you can contact us to get a list. We are able to verify what the license actually includes.

There also similar server errors, but they are usually just seen when you have not bought a component you are currently using, like ePay or Enterprise Server license:

License violation: Multi server

License violation: ePay