What does my SafeCom error code indicate? (Troubleshooting)

An explanation to help troubleshoting error codes in SafeCom.

The following table contains the error codes for the SafeCom G4 Server.
This list is found in the Kofax SafeCom G4 Server Administrators Manual.

-1 [Internal] Action failed
0 Action completed successfully
1 General failure.
2 General database failure.
3 A handle was not valid.
4 By default all status fields are initialized to this
5 A connection was lost
6 Received request is known but version is not supported
7 Received request is unknown
8 When a session gets different versions
9 User cancelled a print job
10 Plug-in failure
11 General Money Server failure
12 Server is busy
14 Name is not valid
15 Unknown user name or bad password
16 User did not respond to dialog
17 Database connection down or in error
20 Receive operation completed successfully
21 Send operation completed successfully
22 Connection lost during transfer
23 Connection never opened or wrong type
24 Connection is in error
25 The cryptation method can't be used
26 The cryptation couldn't be performed
27 UDP receive time out
28 Connection time out
31 General replication failure
32 Replication is slow or may be down
45 Job is locked. Fx. because of Print Once
46 User is not allowed access to object
47 Specified user properties are not unique
48 Redirection to server failed.
49 [Internal] Special error code to signal redir
50 General access violation. Bad password etc.
51 Account is locked
52 Job could not be found
53 User is not logged in
54 Specified user could not be found
55 Job marked for deletion. Will be automatically deleted when released
56 Card number does not exists
57 User already exists
58 User logon already exists
59 PUK code already exists
60 Card number already exists
61 Device is locked. Push print must wait.
63 Billing code ID not valid
64 Distribution group already exists
65 Device type is not allowed operation
66 Device ID not valid
67 Device not able to control copy sessions
69 Device is not allowed copy
70 Specified name already exists
71 Specified export label already exists
72 Specified home server is invalid
73 Specified alias already exists
80 Credits too low
81 Device could not be found
82 Server could not be found
83 Server contains working objects
84 Master Server cannot be deleted
85 Multi server not supported when running WIN auth in DB
86 Server already exists
90 Domain could not be found
91 Domain already exists
92 Domain contains working objects
95 User has too many cards
101 File not found
102 Could not open file
103 Could not read file
104 Could not write to file
105 Reading file not finish
106 Error reading file
107 No more disk space
108 Invalid file handle
109 File path could not be found
110 File already exists
111 File is empty
112 Error reading file
113 Error reading registry
-101 Registry access violation
120 OU could not be found
121 OU already exists
122 Specified OU parent is invalid
123 OU contains other OU's
124 OU contains users
125 OU contains devices
126 OU contains servers
130 Billing code not found
131 Billing code already exists
132 Billing is not enabled
140 Group could not be found
141 Group already exists
142 Group print is disabled
150 General license error
152 License violation, Encryption not allowed
157 License violation, Tracking
158 License violation, Pay
159 License violation, license is expired
160 No license installed
161 License is valid
162 License violation, license is expired
163 License is not valid
165 License could not be verified
170 [Internal] License library error code
171 [Internal] License library error code
172 [Internal] License library error code
173 [Internal] License library error code
174 [Internal] License library error code
175 [Internal] License library error code
176 [Internal] License library error code
177 [Internal] License library error code
178 [Internal] License library error code
179 [Internal] License library error code
180 [Internal] License library error code
186 License violation, too many Devices
187 License violation, SCClient
188 License violation, AdmClient
189 License violation, Multi Server
191 License violation, Billing
192 License violation, ePay
193 License violation, RBP
194 License violation, PULL
195 License violation, ID device
196 License violation, Smart scan
200 Cannot connect to specified IpAddr, PortNumber
201 Invalid socket handle
202 Invalid memory handle
203 An error occured while transmitting/receiving
204 Data export failure
205 Data Field not found
206 Result too big
220 Cannot find user account
221 Default error code
222 General database failure in the Money Server
223 No data to export
224 Reservation failure
225 User is not pay user
230 Schedule not found
240 Charging scheme not found
250 RBP rule not found
260 BOPC could not be found
261 BOPC already exists
270 Branch could not be found
271 Branch already exists
280 Configuration could not be found
281 Configuration already exists
282 Configuration data too large
290 Version of database not supported
300 Connection to slave server is in error
301 Login to slave is in error
310 User has too many delegates
311 Such a delegate relation already exists
312 DelegateID does not exist in DB
313 Delegate is not enabled on the master server
314 Delegate relation has end date/time before
320 Device Server Group name already exists in DB
321 Device Server Group ID does not exist in DB
323 Trying to delete a group that is not empty in DB
400 General XpsPrint failure
401 Failed to create XpsPrint job
402 Failed to write data to XpsPrint service
403 Failed to commit XpsPrint job
410 HighSpeed printing must be enabled for XpsPrint jobs
420 Failed to register device with XpsPrint service
421 Failed to unregister device with XpsPrint service
422 No driver available to serve device
423 Device is not available
9999 [Internal] Special error code to signal restart