What data is registered in Printix cloud ? (FAQs)

The data that is stored within Printix cloud is information needed about printers, computers, networks, users and document metadata.

  • Printers: Address, Vendor, Model name, Name, MAC address, Serial number, Properties, Page counters, Consumables data, and statistics.
  • Computers: Address, Hostname, Type (Laptop, Desktop, Server), System (Windows, macOS).
  • Networks: Gateway IP and MAC addresses.
  • Documents: Name, Number of pages, Color, 2-sided, and where and when it was submitted, printed, and deleted.
  • Users:
    • Name (As for passwords, please see Authentication below)
    • Email
    • Role (User / System manager)
    • Department (Azure AD only, and can be used to post process data for subsequent departmental billing)
    • Groups (Only the group membership relevant to Printix functionality is recorded)

Personally Identifiable Information

  • Personally Identifiable Information (PII) in the form of a users’ name, email and document names are stored in the Printix Cloud. Here document names are kept as part of job history for 90 days to allow troubleshooting by Printix. In Printix App and Printix Administrator users (and system managers) can only see the document names of their own documents, and only while the document is pending (typically 1 day and maximum 7 days).
  • Enabling Cloud storage will for the duration of the pending documents, store the document name and the name of the user as part of the document’s metadata.
  • Set up of Analytics with an own Azure SQL database will also populate users’ name and email into this (but not document names)