SQL Memory Usage in SafeCom (Troubleshooting)

SQL Memory Usage in SafeCom


The SQL server in the customer's memory appears to be consuming a lot of resourses as it is running.


This is not a problem with either SafeCom or the SQL server. This is a function of the SQL database as it runs an update for an expanding database. As the database grows, so does the amoung of memory SQL and Safecom uses to keep track of the records.

If the customer is concerned about the memory usage, one solution would be to remove older records. There are instructions in the SafeCom Administrator's Guide (G2, G3, and G4) on how to do this, but it is strongly advised that these records are copied and archived, as there is no way to restore them once deleted. Also, these changes will no be reflected until the SQL service is restarted.

However, this is only a temporary solution, as the memory usage will grow again as newer records are added; within days or weeks it is possible that the memory usage will be back at the original level. If this is pushing the limits of the hardware, a better solution would be to advise the customer to increase memory size or to migrate to a different server.


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