SafeCom G4 installed on external SQL 2012 instance. Restart of the SafeCom service deletes the 4 SafeCom databases (Known Issues)

SafeCom G4 installed on external SQL 2012 instance. Restart of the SafeCom service deletes the 4 SafeCom databases

I have just installed SafeCom G4 510*01 and the database is on an external SQL 2012 instance, and whenever I restart the SafeCom service, the 4 SafeCom databases on the SQL 2012 instance gets deleted. (This is also relevant to versions:  G4 510*01, 510*02, 520*01, 520*02)

The problem is that some needed Microsoft database components included in the SafeCom G4 installation package will not install correctly unless certain Microsoft SQL patches are installed also.

The needed extra Microsoft patches are:  (Fix for Windows Installer starts repeatedly after you install SQL Server 2012 SP1) 

Download package from :  (Click the Download button)

If the OS of your SafeCom Master server is 64bit, and you intend to download the 64bit version of SQL Management Studio, then select the 64bit download package. Else select the 32bit downlaod package.  (Click the Download button) (Microsoft SQL 2012 Managment studio Express)

(Depending on your previous choice, download the appropriate 32bit or 64bit version of  Microsoft SQL 2012 Managment studio Express.)

(The Microsoft SQL 2012 Management Studio Express installation contains SQL components needed for connection and replication)

By installing the above menitoned patches during installing of SafeCom G4 510*01 (This is also relevant to versions: G4 510*01, 510*02, 520*01, 520*02) you will ensure the correct versions of needed components for correctly connecting to a SQL 2012 database and being able to add SafeCom secondary servers exist.

The above patches have to be installed on a SafeCom Master server with External SQL 2012 SQL database.

Only if the SafeCom Slave server(s) has an external SQL 2012 database must the same pathces be installed on a SafeCom secondary server.

The detailed installation process for a SafeCom server is:

(This is also relevant to versions: G4 510*01, 510*02, 520*01, 520*02)

1. Make sure to have the above mentioned patches and SafeCom G4 510*01, downloaded  to your SafeCom server.

2. Make sure you have rightclicked each package and chosen "properties", then chosen "Unblock"

3. Run the installation for SafeCom G4 510*01 according to the SafeCom G4 Administrators manual. (Rightclick the install file and chose "Run as administrator"), but do not restart the Windows server.

4. Stop the SafeCom service

5. Rightclick the downloaded Fix for Windows installer, and chose "Run as administrator" to install the patch.

6. Rightclick the downloaded installation for Microsoft SQL 2012 Studio Express, and chose "Run as administrator"

6a. (This step is optional)

As the full installation of Microsoft SQL 2012 Studio Express takes up more than 600MB and just a few SQL Components are needed, then after the installation you can from the Control Panel, Programs and features, remove the SQL 2012 Mangement Studio Express again.

If so, then from the Programs and features list, choose "Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (x64)", Check management Tools (basic ) to be uninstalled.

Then you will only have the required SQL connectivity packages which will remain installed.

7. When done, restart the entire Windows server where SafeCom G4 510*01 is installed.

(The installed .dll's and SQL components requires a restart in order to take effect)

8. Now you can open SafeCom Adminsitrator, and add eventual SafeCom secondary servers.

8a. Eventual secondary servers that was added prior to installing the patches, can have their replication repaired using the SafeCom Administrator to rightclick such a secondary and chose "Repair replication" 


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