SafeCom G3 and G4 Multiserver becomes slow over time when installed SafeCom device software is older than April 2nd. 2012 (FAQs)

My SafeCom (G3/G4) Multiserver is beginning to become slower over time, and PULL printing at SafeCom devices are becomming slower. A restart of the SafeCom G3 (SafeCom G4) server helps for a while.


SafeCom G3 version 440*03 and any newer G3 and G4 version, has support for "Store Doc on First server". This feature allows for users in a SafeCom Multiserver environment to submit PULL print documents to any SafeCom server, and have the PULL print document stored on the first SafeCom server it meets. The old implementation was that PULL jobs would always have to travel over the network to be stored on the user's homeserver. So "Store Doc on First server" minimizes network traffic which is a benefit for most customers.


Unfortunately old SafeCom Device software developed prior to April 2nd. 2012 do not have support for "Store Doc on first server".

So we have seen that a combination of a too old SafeCom Device software in combination with SafeCom G3 440*03 or newer server version can lead to lost network connections. This leads to increased memory consumption on the main SafeCom server process (jobserver.exe and jobserver64.exe). The result is that the affected SafeCom servers over time will become slower, and at the SafeCom Devices this can be seen as Login and PULL print performance degradation.


In general we recommend to always use the newest available SafeCom device software (as they include fixes for other problems also).

To avoid the above mentioned problem the SafeCom device software most at least be the below version: -


SafeCom Go HP (chai based) version 50*09   released 2012-04-02

SafeCom Go Kyocera- version 030*01           released 2012-06-19

SafeCom Go Canon - version 020*09             released 2012-04-03

SafeCom Go Lexmark - version 030*07          released 2012-04-19

SafeCom Go Samsung - version 010*07          released 2012-05-01

SafeCom Go Ricoh - version 020*10               released 2012-05-08

SafeCom Device Server - version 060*03        released 2012-04-02

(used with Go Konica Minolta, Go Xerox, Go Oc�, Go Fuji Xerox, Go HP (Future Smart), Go Sharp)


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