SafeCom Administrator is unable to detect the type of device being added (Troubleshooting)

After having upgraded/fresh installed SafeCom Server version G4 520*04, I am not able to install any SafeCom Go code correctly. Install of SafeCom Go Code from SafeCom Administrator version G4 520*03 worked fine. What is wrong ?

SafeCom Administrator is unable to detect the type of device being added.

In SafeCom G4 Server version S82 070.520*04 the SafeCom Administrator add device functionality does not detect the type of device correctly if a firewall is enabled and the firewall does not allow inbound protocol ICMPv4 (Internet Control Message Protocol for IPv4). This problem was not in SafeCom G4 Server version S82 070.520*03.

Workaround is to disable the firewall on the SafeCom Master server or modify the firewall to allow this communication (see steps below). Alternatively use the previous SafeCom G4 Server version S82 070.520*03 (e.g. installed as a Tools package on a different workstation, and connecting to the SafeCom G4 520*04 server) or check for availability for an updated version of SafeCom Administrator (scAdministrator.exe) and the file scDevUtilLib.dll.

The following steps are for Windows 2008R2 and Windows 2012. For other server OS'es like Windows 2003, 2008, 2008x64 the steps will differ slightly.

  1. On the Windows server where SafeCom Master server is installed: Open Control Panel.
  2. Click Windows Firewall.
  3. Click Advanced Settings.
  4. Click Inbound Rules.
  5. In the Actions pane click New Ruleナ The New Inbound Rule Wizard appears.
  6. Rule Type step. Select Custom and click Next.
  7. Program step. Select All programs and click Next.
  8. Protocols and Ports step. In Protocol type select ICMPv4 and click Next.
  9. Scope step. Leave choices as is (Any IP address) and click Next.
  10. Action step. Leave choices as is (Allow the connection) and click Next.
  11. Profile step. Leave choices as is and click Next.
  12. Name step. Enter Name, for example scICMPv4. Click Finish.


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