My ricoh devices shows "Out of Order" (Troubleshooting)

Issue Ricoh Devices shows "Out Of Order" when using 030*02 or 030*03. Ricoh GO Log shows "SecureCom: Data to: (Devices IP) failed. Broken pipe".


The problem is the device is configured for Secure Printing and for some reason the embedded Ricoh Go cannot write the print stream to port 9100.

Step 1

Enable the "High Speed Print" option on the SafeCom configuration page on the MFD

e.g. https://Device IP:8080/safecom

This issue will not be resolved in the future release of Ricoh GO as this is a Rioch settings and you will need to follow the below steps to resolve this problem.

Step 2

We have also been informed by Ricoh that from October 2014 for the xxx2/3 devices you will need to perform the following due to a new version of base firmware changing the "DiPrint Timeout" value to 15. Please follow the steps below to change the value to resolve this issue.

1) Please ensure Telnet client and Telnet Server feature enabled on server or PC.

2) In command prompt, Telnet

3) It will ask for device login, which by default is admin and no password.

4) Type, diprint, this will show you what the timeout is currently set to.

5) Type, diprint timeout 300, to change the setting.

6) Type diprint, again to check if the setting has saved.

7) Type logout and yes to save changes.


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