G3 - Missing SQL indexes on newly added Safecom Secondary server (FAQs)

Why am I seeing server delays on SafeCom Secondary servers ?

A reason could be missing indexes on the sccore database tables on Secondary server databases.

Since SafeCom G3 version 420*06, then a new way of handling sql replication between SafeCom Primary database and SafeCom Secondary database was implemented. This was because the old way of connectng to SQL databases, namely DMO (database management object) was to be discontinued by Microsoft. Therfore the Microsoft recommended connection called RMO (Replication Managment Objects) had to be implemented. This however caused the default settings for the replication scheme to change.

A sideeffect of this has shown to be that existing SQL indexes on a SafeCom server is deleted and incorrectly recreated when it is added as a new Secondary server. And even when replicated to Secondary databases, then because of configuration setup, the indexes on the Secondary databases were not used optimized.

The below description will show how to replicate SQL indexes to the Secondary database, and ensure that the indexes on the Secondary databases are configured correctly.

For SafeCom G3 all SafeCom G3 versions from 420*06 a patch needs to installed (see atthached "RMOlib64.dll" [for 64 bit SafeCom server] or "RMOlib.dll" [for 32 bit SafeCom server] ).

SafeCom G4 servers does not need a patch at this time (but an updated patch removing the need for the manual correction will be developed [This KB article created December 13th 2013]].

Until a new updated RMOlib.dll is created, the manual process is needed each time a new Secondary server is added, or after having done a "Repair replication" in SafeCom Administrator.

Steps to perform the fix is a two step process.

For step ONE:

Patch to install:

On the existing SafeCom Primary server:

1. Stop the SafeCom service

2. In your SafeCom installation folder locate the file "scRMOLib.dll" or "scRMOLib64.dll" (if this is a 64bit SafeCom version)

3. Delete or rename the file

4. From the attachment "scRMOLIB patch for G3 420 or newer.zip" copy the new appropriate file to the SafeCom installation folder.

5. Start the SafeCom service

For step TWO:

Manually update replication: (see attached guide "Manual approach for fixing replication indexes.docx")

While you only need to copy the patch one time, you will need to perform the manual approach each time a new Secondary server is added.

Please note that SafeCom G3 440*07 and SafeCom G4 versions newer than G4 520*02 does not have the problem, and therefore does not need the patch or the Manual workaround. For version G3 440*07 and G4 versions newer than G4 520*02, a "Repair Replication" in SafeCom Administrator will fix the problem with missing indexes on the Secondary servers.



Manual approach for fixing replication indexes.docx

scRMOLIB patch for G3 420 or newer.zip


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