How do I configure my Safecom Controller without access to DHCP-server or forgotten IP-address. (How-to)

A SafeCom Controller is by default configured by DHCP, so how do you configure it if you can`t find the IP-address?

  1. Locate the MAC-Address of the controller. It is labeled on the back side. (Looks like: 00-C0-76-11-22-33).
  2. Use a laptop and configure the NIC with a static IP. (it should work if you just put it in the same subnet as the controller too using dhcp, but sometimes you will not be able to do that)
  3. On the controller, press and hold the reset button while inserting the power adapter to turn it on. Hold it until you see an unusal blinking of all 4 leds, then release it.
  4. Open command prompt as administrator on the computer, and enter the following command:
    arp -s <ip to set on the controller> <mac of controller>
    Example: arp -s 00-c0-76-11-22-33
  5. Still in the command prompt, enter the command: ping -t <ip> 
    Use <ctrl> + C to stop it when you get a ping reply.
  6. If you after 1-2 minute do not receive a ping-reply you may still be able to configure the device if you enter http://<ip> in your webbrowser (web service seems to start before the icmp service on the controller). Repeat steps 3-5 if you can`t enter the web site. You could also try to open. 

NB: The old controllers have reached end-of-sales and end-of-support.