How do I disable store doc on first server? (How to)

How do I disable store doc on first server? Force SafeCom multiserver environment to store PULL print jobs on users homeserver.

How do I disable Store Doc on first server ? I want my users to only have SafeCom PULL print documents residing at their SafeCom homeserver. Not spread all over all SafeCom servers.

With the SafeCom G3 version 440*03 a new feature called "Store Doc on first server" was introduced. This feature is default enabled on all following G3 and G4 version.

This feature in a SafeCom multiserver environment ensures that even if a user has homeserver on a specific SafeCom server, e.g. secondary2, and the user submits a PULL printjob via a printershare on another server e.g. secondary1, then his job does not have to travel all the way over the network to be stored at his homeserver, but stays at the first SafeCom server it meets.

So the user can have jobs spread all over all SafeCom servers in the multiserver environment.

This feature minimizes network traffic and is normally a benefit for the customer.

However some customers has wanted to disable this feature, e.g. if they have all their SafeCom servers located in the same datacenter, and in order to do load balancing, wants users to only have printjobs residing on their designated homeservers.

The attached manual shows how to disable the Store Doc on first server.

Please note: If you decide to disable Store Doc on first server, then you must disable the feature on ALL SafeCom servers at the same time. Either Store Doc on first server is enabled on all SafeCom servers, or disabled on all SafeCom servers. Remember that this also applies to future secondary servers that are added at a later stage. (Best practice is to ensure correct Registry setting on the new server before adding it as a new secondary server).


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