How do I collect Safecom system information to attach to support tickets? (How to)

How do I collect SafeCom System information/overview?

SafeCom System Overview

To get the full details of the SafeCom System, please open SafeCom Administrator Console.

On the left hand side please click on the Main Server Group.

This will show the System Overview of the Master Server. On the right hand side there is a button which will allow you to collect the full system information.

Click on the "Collect" button and the next screen is shown.

At the bottom of this screen there are two buttons which will allow you to collect the System Information data.

If you are connected via a RDC (Remote Desktop Connection) the easiest one to use is "Copy to clipboard"

Then you can open up "Notepad" on your local workstation and paste this information into this

application and then save it to a file. Once you have saved this to a file you can upload it to the case

or copy the information and paste it into the case.

The least easy option is save to file. Unless you have a drive mapping to a network share and is easy access from the SafeCom Server and your workstation then use this option.

Then attach the file to the case.


How to collect Safecom information


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