How do I change access control on HP Futuresmart devices? (How-to)

This article helps you to configure which device functions should require login or not.

Please check the following two places to make sure the device function control settings are configured correct:

To access these menuen you need to login as an administrator on the HP web interface.


SafeCom Tracking setting:
Menu : General -> SafeCom

On the Configuration-tab; locate the "Tracking settings" and check only the functions you want to require authentication to use. Uncheck the functions that should be available without login.

Apply the settings.

NB: Similar settings located on the Device Properties in the SafeCom Administrator will attempt to update the settings on this web page, but we advise you to use this method to avoid a potential misconfiguration.

HP Access Control

Menu: Security -> Access Control

Here you will find a list of all available functions on your device and how the access is controlled.

The number of alternative login methods may vary, but you will atleast have "Local device" and "SafeCom" when this is installed.

Default sign in method:
In the upper right corner of table you will see a field in the "Sign in method"-column that is above all functions. This is where you select the default login method.

For each function do the following:

Column: "Device Guest":

A yellow lock is shown if the function requires authentication. 

A green checkbox is shown if the function do not require authentication.


Column: "Sign in method":

Use default: Use the method selected in the upper right corner.

Local Device: Login using HP's local access control.

SafeCom: Login using SafeCom.

NB: Remember to set the "Device Guest"-column to locked to require authentication.

The remaining columns indicates what type of user will have access to which function. This is because you can still login using all alternative login methods and can deny those you don`t want. We have just configured which one to be the default one,