Help! My Canon printer is printing rubbish after a server upgrade!

After upgrading SafeCom server to 520*10 or newer Canon printers may start printing rubbish.


Following drivers have been confirmed working:

Canon Generic PCL6 Driver (Version 1.3)
Canon Generic Plus PCL6 Driver (Version 2.20)

For the "Generic PCL6 Driver", the ASCII printing problem can be resolved by configuring the driver to use the Mode2 setting for the Secure Print / Department ID Management Authentication option.
Please note that this setting is not compatible with SafeCom's Rule-based Printing feature.
The option is available under Printer Properties > Device Settings tab > Details > Other Settings tab > Secure Print / Department ID Management Authentication.

No issue have been seen with version 2.20 of the "Generic Plus PCL6 Driver".
There is no additional configuration required for this driver, and both printing and Rule-based Printing works well.

Our recommendation is to use version 2.20 of the Canon Generic Plus PCL6 driver for SafeCom Go Canon environments.


Additional test environment details:
520.10.239.3 on Windows 2016

Canon C5535i
Canon 5235i

SafeCom Go S88 010.020.26