Why are print jobs getting stuck in the Windows print queue after upgrading to Safecom G4 520*09? (Troubleshooting)

After upgrading SafeCom to G4 520*09, print jobs are stuck in the windows print queue and jobs will not print.


This issue happens when SafeCom Application Print is used.

Note: On G4 520*09 Application Print is always installed. This is why the issue may be seen after upgrade.

This issue is seen if the setting "Render Print job on client computer" is unchecked on the "Shared" tab for the Printer Queue.

The solution can be found in KB 25087 "Print job stuck"


If Application Print is not required to be used it can also be disabled with following steps:

  1.  Stop the SafeCom Service and the Print Spooler Service.
  2. Navigate to the G4 directory.
  3. Rename the following files to "xxx_old":

- scAppPrintLib64.dll

- scAppPrintLoader64.dll

4. Restart the Safecom Service and the Print Spooler Service.

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